Here's how to place your Swag in bulk order, it is really easy!

  • Click Purchase Swag in Bulk

  • Add your Order Name and Logo

  • Choose the Swag items

You may see additional information on each swag item in the Description below. Please note the minimum order required for each swag item.

  • Once you're done choosing the swag items, click NEXT. Make sure to review the items and quantities

  • Complete the rest of the order form. Add your Shipping address or send them to our warehouse if you want us to distribute the swag to different locations or want to store them in your swag locker.

  • Once you're done, add your Payment Method. This can be a credit card or if you would like to hear about corporate billing, please let us know.

  • Click PLACE ORDER.

Further updates will be sent to the email address associated with the account.

Also, if you are sending the swag items to our warehouse, send an email to providing the list of swag items you ordered together with the SnackMagic order number where you’d like the swags to be added. This way we can ensure that our handling team will be adding the swags to correct gift orders once it arrives at the warehouse.

We highly suggest requesting a demo with our swag team here. We’ll come to you with some suggestions based on your timing, budget, and what you are looking to achieve.

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:


Request a demo with an account specialist here.

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