The magic begins here! Let me guide you through the step-by-step process of creating swag kits.

  1. Go to

  2. Under your name, click "MY ORDERS"

  3. Select "CREATE NEW KIT"

  4. ORDER INFO. Type in your Kit Name and tell us how many recipients you have.

  5. LOGO. Upload the logo that you want us to include on the swags. You can also add your tagline to be added on the swags as well.

  6. BOX AND PACKAGING. Personalize your kit with packaging options.

    1. Select your box

    2. Select packaging

    3. Select note type

  7. SWAG ITEMS. Choose from our selection of high-quality items for your kit. Non-US recipients can shop premade kits for inspiration.

    1. Click ADD

    2. Below the item description, let us know how many of each item you want us to include in each kit as well as the color of the item.

    3. Once you've selected all the items you want to include, click "NEXT"

  8. Premade kits for Non-US recipients. For international recipients, we use local production and shipment to ensure your recipients get their products sooner. These kits include items that we can source in any country to help avoid high shipping and custom fees. Once you've selected a pre-made kit, click "NEXT"

  9. Review your order. Thoroughly check your order and if all else is good, click "NEXT"

  10. PAYMENT. Pick a payment Option.

  11. You will now receive a confirmation that your kits are being designed.

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