Place an order or redeem a treat and earn a commission! How cool is that?

With the Share your Stash feature, you are simply waiting for your commission to come! Want to learn more? Here's a short article we prepared for you.

What is Share your Stash?

Share your stash is a feature where recipients/self order customers can share what they have ordered and make 10% on the snacks they sold and their friends can also get a 10% discount on the snacks they recommend (THIS 10% DOES NOT APPLY TO ENTIRE ORDERS. ONLY APPLIES TO THE INDIVIDUAL SNACKS)


How do I get started with my stash?

Answer: Your stash is generated from your Marketplace/recipient order. You can remove or add any items necessary.

Does my stash have an expiration date?

Answer: Your stash does not have an expiration date.

Can I redeem my friend's stash more than once?

Answer: No. You can only redeem your friend's stash once.

Can I transfer the money I make from my stash to my bank account?

Answer: Not for now. You can only transfer earnings to the STADIUM wallet.

What does “Discount for the stash is not available” mean?

Answer: Your friend may have removed items from the stash or the stash is no longer available.

Can I add Superior Dishes to my stash?

Answer: No, you cannot. You can only add snacks, pantry, beverages, and work and play items from our menu. Kits will be added as one item on the share your stash menu and curated box items will be added as individual snacks.

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