Here's how to place your Swag Kits order; it is really easy!

  1. Go to our website

  2. On the upper right side of the screen, click "SWAG KITS" on the drop-down below your name

  3. From the Swag Kits tab, Go to status: DELIVERED and click START ORDER on the swag kit you wish to distribute.

  4. Complete the Create Order Form then click NEXT

  5. Choose your Swag Link Privacy Settings.

  • Closed link - only email addresses added to your recipients' list will be allowed to redeem. We will send them an email where they can redeem their Swag. (Please make sure that the email addresses are correctly spelled.)

  • Open link - upon checkout, you will receive a unique link from us. This link can be forwarded to your recipients.

    • Since anyone can redeem, you will need to approve and deny the orders from your Treats Dashboard.

    • Redemptions not listed will not be fulfilled until you approve them.

    • If you placed email addresses in an open link option, they are automatically approved.

6. Choose any of your created Swag Kit that you want to send to your recipients and let us know how many US recipients and International recipients will receive the said kit.

If you have yet to create your swag kit you will be prompted to create one.

Click here to learn how.

7. Provide your approved recipients' email addresses

  • You may copy an entire column from your sheet and paste them one time

  • You may leave it blank and hit save & continue if you selected "Open link"

8. Indicate a date until when your recipients will be allowed to redeem their swag items.

9. Choose your shipping method.


10. Add a free message on the recipient’s landing page so that the recipient will know it’s from you.


  • You can also add a video for the recipients to see when redeeming the treat. Please send the video to so we can upload it to the landing page.

11. You will have a chance to make changes or edit your order details before you check out your order. If you deemed that your order is all set, click "proceed to checkout"

12. Enter your payment information and let us know how would you like to be refunded if recipients don’t redeem. Click "PAY NOW" once you are ready.

13. Let us know when you want to send out the invitation link to your recipients.

For open link orders, you can share the link with your recipients instead.

You can view and monitor your Swag kit orders by going to your SwagMagic Treats Dashboard and then clicking "view kit orders".

Look for the order and click "View Status"

Watch the video below for a quick overview of Swag Kits.

That's quick and simple, right?

We are always here to help! Please feel free to browse our FAQs or slide us a chat or email!

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