You recently received an email telling you to redeem a gift from someone or a link from an employer, family, or colleague directing you to our website. Sounds about right? Great! You're a recipient of a Snackmagic treat.

SNACKMAGIC is an easy and unscrew-uppable way to send your clients, colleagues, employees, family, and friends a one-of-a-kind gift.

Our premise is simple. Your gift giver or as we call it, the organizer, has set for you a budget that you can claim. They might've allowed you to choose from our 2000+ different snacks. You can browse our awesome menu here. We're sure you'll be able to find something for your tastebuds!

The organizer might've sent you something from our curated stashes as well.

For international recipients (outside the USA), you will be able to choose from the menu available in your respective country. This is because we are working with different local vendors in every region that will fulfill and ship your orders.

Either way, we're sure you will enjoy the snacks that will be sent to you.

You only need to sign-up (if you're a first-time recipient) using the email wherein you received the Snackmagic treat. Place your delivery address and choose the snacks!

That's it? You bet!

We will then box and ship out your orders in 10-14 days time.

We're glad to have you out! If you have more questions, feel free to browse our FAQs or slide us a chat or email!

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:


Request a demo with our account specialist here.

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