SwagMagic offers two solutions for delivering swag to your international recipients.

  1. You can purchase swag through our swag shop. Just visit the swag shop and visit the Global Menu, where you can pick out and customize hundreds of products, with no minimum order! And there’s no additional fee to ship internationally either! The order process for sending out your swag is no different than sending it domestically.

  2. We can also have your swag shipped directly from our New York City hub to your international recipients. Send us the swag or pre-purchase them from our store, then we'll ship them to your international recipients.

We highly suggest requesting a demo with our swag team here. We’ll come to you with some suggestions based on your timing, budget, and what you are looking to achieve.

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:


Request a demo with an account specialist here.

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