It’s super easy!

  1. Take a look at our offerings on to decide which order type is best for your use.

  2. Select the “Start an Order” button and follow the flow.

  3. We will be in touch to make sure we have all of the details needed to make your order a success.

Depending on how you would like to use SwagMagic, once you complete the flow, the following will happen:

  • You will receive an email from us confirming the details and set up a time for us to discuss your order.

  • Stores/Kits: We will begin designing your store/kit and send over mock-ups for approval. If you are doing all on-demand (global) swag, we will start placing those orders once your recipients start to redeem. If you will be ordering custom swag [not from our global menu] for this order or to store in your swag locker, one of our expert swag magicians will be reaching out to go over the details.

  • Bulk: One of our expert Swag magicians will be reaching out to go over details before creating and shipping your swag to a single location.

We’ll seamlessly send your swag to one address or to multiple addresses, anytime and anywhere!

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:


Request a demo with an account specialist here.

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