Recipients in each country will receive treats net of fees, taxes, and any additional costs associated with each country. Fees/costs include currency exchange rates and taxes.

For US organizers there will be an additional $18 fulfillment fee for non-US recipients, to cover partner costs and operations - this includes delivery/shipping, packaging, partner fees, platform fees, service fees, curation and customization fees, etc.

For India and Singapore organizers, the rate for international fulfillment (sending gifts to recipients outside of your country) will be based on your country of residence. Please check your country's website for pricing details.

Non-US recipients don’t see the gift amount as they pick a themed box from a menu of curated boxes. We have a lot of variety that will accommodate different dietary restrictions.

Regardless of the fees, it is our goal to provide a healthy mix of quality snacks and beverages. We vet each partner and the mix of items we include in each box to make for a robust offering. We are also taking feedback from our customers to continuously add to our international selection.

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