If you don’t know how many people will be redeeming your treat, we can create a temporary open link that can be shared. You can approve or deny each redemption attempt in your Treats Dashboard.

1. Create your order and leave your link open

o In the order creation flow, when we ask you for recipients, make sure you select “Leave my link open for new people” and give us an estimate of the number of recipients.

2. Share your unique link

o Share freely the link for your treat that you’ll get on the confirmation page– post it on Slack, email, or your event invitation page.

3. Recipients create their orders

o They’ll create an account and start filling their bags with their favorite snacks and beverages. Their order will be placed on our system but be on hold till you approve them.

4. Approve or reject the orders from your Treats Dashboard

o You’ll be able to see name and email of the people that have redeemed your treat- but the orders don’t get packed until you approve them. You only pay for orders you approve.

5. Approved orders get packed and shipped

o Once you approve, we start packing and shipping the boxes.

6. Get credited back or pay for the additional orders

o We will send you an email with a summary of who redeemed and will credit you back for those who didn’t.

Learn more about Open Invitation Link.

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