SnackMagic fulfils non-US orders (Outside US/Canada) via our local partner network in each country. Most of the snack options will be different than what is offered locally in America. Boxes are pre-curated but gift recipient gets to tell us their preferences and they select a theme for their box.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Like everyone else, non-US residents receive your treat invitation email at the same time as everyone else. They provide us with their international shipping address.

  2. Based on their shipping address, international recipients may communicate their wish list of local favorites or rely on our taste makers to select their themed, pre-curated surprise and delight treat that we’ve curated from our local partners.

  3. We work with our local fulfillment partners in each country (or neighboring country) to have them shipped their treat box. Our local partners are held to the same high standards as our US partners. They are approved based on popularity, timeliness of deliveries, overall selection, and continuous feedback from other recipients in that country.

We do the heavy lifting to make the experience as special and delightful as their US counterparts.

Since non-US orders are being shipped by our local partners in each country, we are unable to customize the box or include custom swag in the box for non-US orders.

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