Certainly! Swag is our line of merchandise that you can include in your Snackmagic box. To proceed, you have two options.

First, you can either send the swag items to our warehouse and we'll box and ship them together with the snacks for you. The cost is $3 per item/box. We have a 50 box minimum Snackmagic gifts in order to include swag items.

Ship the items to:
Attn: Swag for <name or order number>
42-38 13th Street, Long Island City, NY 11101
Phone: +1-646-693-3964

Please make sure to include the order number before shipping the package. This will let us keep tabs of your swag items.

Please click the Snack + Swag option when placing the order OR simply click yes when asked to include a swag.

The second option is to avail the swag through us. Check out our swag catalog here for inspiration or email swag@snackmagic.com to discuss ordering swag with us.

Click here and fill out the form to tell us exactly what you’re looking to do!

The form will gather information like: will you be buying the swag through SwagMagic or sending it to us, when would you like your box delivered to your gift recipients, and what are your gift recipient’s email addresses. We’ll seamlessly send your swag to one address or to multiple addresses, anytime and anywhere!

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:



Request a demo with an account specialist here.

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