SNACKMAGIC is an easy and un-screw-uppable way to send your clients, colleagues, employees, family, and friends a one-of-a-kind gift.

Our premise is simple. Just click the SEND A TREAT button, complete the necessary information, and head to check out!

You can either let them build their own snack stash or send them a pre-curated snack box hand-tailored by our tastemakers.

You can also choose to send customized swag alongside your treat and utilize any of our custom branding options to make your snack stash even more magical.

For your recipients, we will send them a gift redemption link where they will fill out their information and get to shopping! Once they checked their order out, we will then process the gift and send them out individually to their homes.


We, at Snackmagic, have accommodated countless gifts and have heard even greater feedback. We have 2000+ snacks that your recipients can choose from — catering to dietary restrictions and all different styles of snackers.

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