Sending a treat to your clients, colleagues, friends, and family is super easy! This whole process is only 3-5 minutes tops. Let me guide you through the step-by-step process.

✓ Go to and click START AN ORDER.
✓ Select the most appropriate option and click Next.
✓ Complete the order form. 

  • Fill out the new treat form and select what you want your recipients to receive. (Swag is our merchandise line.)

  • Select what type of box you would like to send

    • Build-their-own allows US recipients to select the specific snacks they want from the menu.

    • Curated Box - recipients will receive snacks based on the theme you select.

    • For International Recipients, they will select from the stashes available in their country. This applies whether you go for the build-their-own or curated box option.

      ** Recipients will be able to indicate their dietary restrictions, regardless of the selection **

  • Select a date when you want the boxes to be delivered.


  • Select/input the budget for the boxes that your recipients will receive - prices start at $45

  • Select a theme for the snack boxes that your recipients will receive. You can select as many themes as you want so your recipients will have more options from our curated menu.


  • Select/input the budget for the snacks that your recipients will select - prices start at $45. As the name suggests, your recipients will be able to shop and pick their own snacks.


  • Select the gift redemption link type for your order

    • Closed link - only email addresses added to your recipients' list will be allowed to redeem. We will send them an email where they can redeem the treat. (Please make sure that the email addresses are correctly spelled.)

    • Open link - upon checkout, you will receive a unique link from us. This link can be forwarded to your recipients.

      • Since anyone can redeem, you will need to approve and deny the orders from your Treats Dashboard.

      • Redemptions not listed will not be fulfilled until you approve them.

      • If you placed email addresses in an open link option, they are automatically approved.

  • Tell us how many recipients you are sending the gifts to (including international recipients).

  • Provide your approved recipients' email addresses

    • You may copy an entire column from your sheet and paste them one time

    • You may leave it blank and hit save & continue if you selected "Open link"

  • Indicate a date when you want the order link to expire

    • This will be the last day that your recipients are allowed to redeem the treat.

    • For closed link option, the link will expire as soon as everyone redeemed the treat.


  • Include a personalized message (not required) that your recipients will see on the invitation email and/or on the landing page.


Simply choose your add-ons! This will make the experience more personal.


  • You can also customize the box with your artwork or logo. (This option is only available for US & Canada recipients). You'll be able to upload the artwork on your Treats Dashboard after checkout.


  • You add a custom note to the Snackmagic box of your recipients. We have a 500-character limit (including spaces).


  • Customize the recipient's experience when redeeming the treat. You can place your logo on our website. You'll be able to upload the artwork to your Treats Dashboard after checkout.


  • You can also add a video for the recipients to see when redeeming the treat. Please send the video to so we can upload it to the landing page.


  • Let us know if you want to add swag(s). Swag items are our line of merchandise that we can include in your snack orders.

  • Indicate the swags that you want to put in the boxes

  • Let us know how to proceed with any remaining swag(s) after your order expires



You can also choose to donate from our partner organizations. Simply enter the amount that you want to donate. In case you do not see an organization that you prefer, send us an email at


  • Input your payment method

  • Book a call with us for invoicing approval (100+ boxes)

  • Indicate a date until when your recipients will be allowed to redeem their gifts

  • Let us know how you want to receive any unredeemed amount at the end of the process

  • Place the order and get a confirmation. You may use the link to share with your recipients. Otherwise, the email addresses you included on the recipients' list will receive an invitation email from SnackMagic on the date and time you selected.

Any question(s)? We're here to help! Ask us anything via CHAT / EMAIL:


Request a demo with an account specialist here.

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